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Hotel Elqui Domos

Today we will talk about a curious hotel located in Chile. Its name is Elqui Domos and its principal feature is the fact that is designed to see the stars. The particular clime of the zone benefits for a clear sky and makes easy to see the stars at night. The hotel is concretely located in the Elqui’s Valley between two large cliffs on the slopes of the Andes.

Hotel Astronómico Elqui Domos / Rodrigo Duque Motta © Cristóbal Palma

Since long time, a lot of people came to this valley to see the stars, so someone saw in this valley a good place to build a hotel that takes profit of all of that. His idea was to build a hotel where the rooms are individually located along the valley and made it with a translucent cloth so the people could saw the stars and enhance the astronomic experience of the clients.

After having informed about all the aspects of the Elqui Domos I would leave you a SWOT analysis that I made to see where are the strengths and the weaknesses of the hotel:

Hotel Astronómico Elqui Domos / Rodrigo Duque Motta © Cristóbal Palma

Strengths: It’s a unique hotel that offers a unique experience. It’s made it with woods, which means that it’s very close to the nature and that may like so much to that people interested in nature tourism.

Weaknesses: It is very little known by the people and the facilities of the hotel aren’t very big so can’t accommodate a lot of people at the same time. The fact that is so different from the rest of the hotels can make that many people won’t like to come.

Opportunities: The hotels could offer so many things apart from the astrology, they have a big valley where they can arrange tours or do extreme sports.

Threats: They are too dependent on the climate of the area and that can turns against him.

That was all, we hope you enjoyed.

Be curious!

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